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Top 5 Non-threaded Fasteners used in Agro-industry 2021

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Fasteners are tools that are typically used to hold materials together. You probably know them as screws, nuts, bolts, or a similar object. Most of the fasteners are threaded in type. But threaded fasteners have some setbacks like low axial tension strength, under vibration load, the strength of the bolt joint is reduced significantly. Especially the equipment used in the agriculture industry, vibration is a major problem. So in this blog post, we will point out the top five solutions for the fasteners used in the agro-industry 2021.

1. Clevis Pin

Clevis Pins are a type of fastener that will allow the rotation or swivel of the connected parts about the axis of the pin linkage. A clevis pin, sometimes referred to as a link pin or hinge pin, consists of a head, shank, and cross-drilled hole or groove. When using a fastening, such as a clevis pin, the hole or groove which is at the opposite end of the pin to the head is inserted through the items to be linked, and then a cotter pin, R clip, Circlip, or similar retaining fastener is inserted through the hole or set in the groove to fix the clevis pin in place.

2. Split Pin

A split pin, also known in the United States as a cotter pin or cotter key, is a metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation, similar to a staple or rivet.

3. R - Clip

Retaining clips also known as spring cotters are often used in conjunction with clevis pins when inserted through the shaft, to keep the pin in place.

R-Clips are particularly useful when components are to be quickly assembled or disassembled and are used in various industries including automotive and agriculture.

4. Circlip

Circlips, Retaining Rings and Snap Rings are fasteners that grasp elements or installations onto a shaft or in a dwelling/bore when assembled in a groove. Once it’s fixed, the exposed piece functions as a shoulder that holds the particular element or installation. Circlips solve problems such as clearance diameter, flexible and radial installation, tolerance take-up, and also thrust load capacity. Circlips, Retaining Rings, and Snap Rings are now integral components of modern engineering design.

5. Dowel Pin

The pin traditionally comes with a diameter slightly greater than the drilled hole through which it is to be inserted. The elasticity of these pins then applies a radial force across its length. To account for the compression, these pins come with a slot. This makes it one of the most valuable and straightforward fastening systems in the market.

Due to the slit, any system fastened with these pins is resistant to vibrations and rapid movements without going through any wear and tear. Since there is no interlocking, the lesser radial force is exerted on the other components fastened with it. The pins are incredibly versatile and can effectively replace bolts, washers, and retaining rings. But it can replace threaded components. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant.

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